Bamboo Products Can Be Great Gift Ideas

When weddings are around, you might be wracking your brain as to come up with a unique gift item. Unless the couple has specified what they wish to have from you, you would have to think up of the different kinds of presents which would come of use. You might start by striking out the common gift items which are usually covered by most guests like crockery sets, bedding sets and other houseware. For a unique gift category, you could start thinking about plants for presents.

lmWhy plants

This can be a great option and a wonderful way to encourage the newlywed couple to surround them with greenery. Even if the couple would be living in an apartment, small potted plants like herbs or flowering plants can help to brighten up any form of living space. They can be hung by the window sills or next to the balcony doors. If you wish to gift them plants, there are many services that have unique plants with decorative pots on offer.

Eco friendly choices

The bamboo root barrier is another eco friendly and innovative gift choice that will come of use to a new couple’s home. There are many kinds of bamboo products which are now available in the market. Bamboo products are being encouraged across the world as it is a sustainable resource. It is a resource that is easily grown and has beneficial anti bacterial and fast growing properties which makes it ideal anywhere in the world. You would also guide and educate people to use and buy products that are eco friendly and made from sustainable resources by introducing them to the world of products made from bamboo. There are many portals where you can get innovative bamboo product ideas that will make great gifts to your loved ones or for wedding occasions.


How to Install a Paver Edging?

The most significant aspect to create a long lasting and durable garden pavement depends greatly on its edges. Therefore, it is important to keep the edges, strong to maintain the locking network among the pavers. If the paver is not installed properly, then the paving edging will move away from the remaining pavers, the paving edging will also be separated from other powers without an accurate proper edge restraint.

Steps for a proper laying of the paver edging


  • Step 1

It is very important to extend the lowermost layer to a minimum of 8 inches further away than the perimeter while installing the paver base layer. If this is not done, then after the installation is complete then the edging of the paver would be submerged in the soil. Afterward, when the ground is solid again, the expanding ground will push back the pavers edging which would ultimately lead the pavers to come out of its network and damaged.

  • Step 2

It is very important to make sure that the paver edge is fitted directly on the top of the base. If the top layer is fitted with other materials like the sand or soil, then there are fair chances that as the sand would erode out from underneath the top layer of the paver edging causing the outer layer of the pavers to be settled in the soil.

You may begin with installing the edge at first and then fit the sand bed along with the pavers on top of it. Some installers even opt for overlaying the pavers preceding the perimeter of the area and then cutting the pavers properly in its position.

If you think that fitting the paving garden edging after everything is set would be the best approach for your project, you may opt for a trowel to run it down along the side of the pavers throughout to the gravel base. Once you pull away the sand and soil away from the paver materials, you can easily place the pavers edging immediately in counter to the pavers. The material used for paver edging is equally crucial as how it is fitted. The most durable edging can be made from PVC materials which keep the edge from popping out after a few years.

The Importance of the Compost Bin in Gardening

If you have a garden, then composting is a great way to turn your organic kitchen scraps like vegetable pills into potential fertilizer to nourish and provide nutrition to the garden soil. There are many types of compost bins available in the market, but the tumbler compost bin is the best to consider for your garden for the following reasons:

  1. A person must turn the compost after the regular interval in order to make a nutritious compost pile. This process seems tiresome to some people and they leave it unturned for quite a few times. The tumbler bin is designed such that it can easily turn the compost by itself without the need of any manual intervention. A person is just needed to crank the tumbler handle which can allow turning of the compost.

  1. As the tumbler bin can itself turn the compost within the bin, it becomes much easier to turn the compost and quite often than a regular compost bin. This promotes the speedy breakdown of organic stuff in the bin which helps to make a good quality compost manure within a short span of time.
  1. The compost tumbler is placed off the ground, which eliminates the chance of any smaller animals to burrow down into the compost bin. The tumbler is normally sealed compactly reducing the opportunity to attract the animals.

So it is quite apparent that these tumbler bins help in making good quality compost.

If you have a beautiful garden regardless of what its size can be you will definitely need a path garden edging to separate the walkways from the garden. There are many types of available garden borders like-metal edge which is almost invisible and is available in aluminum and stainless steel; paver border, which allows a smooth, flattened surface, making it easy to mow the area; raised -bed boundary where the stone is used to separate the walkways from the garden. There are many available gardens edging to suit your budget, surrounding areas and requirements.

Tips For Having The Best Garden Path Edge

Edging is one of the best ways of creating a warm and peaceful environment. It does give your front path character and a touch of boldness. There are different ways that you can ensure that your pavement is well designed



Garden path edging is one of the great and easy ways of recreating your landscape. Below are tips that you can use to promote and enhance the beauty of your front yard.

  • Use suitable borders; to create a beautiful garden edge, you will have to consider the border you are going to use. You may choose to use stone designed border. However, one of the best options is the metal borders. You may choose steel and aluminum to secure the border of the garden.

  • There is the paver border that will keep off the grass from the garden. This will in turn create a clean garden appearance. There are people who have created a raised bed border garden which does bring out the boldness of the garden. It also adds texture and depth to the garden.

  • Choose the perfect tools; it is easy to install the garden edge if you have the necessary tools. Depending on the type of border you will choose, the tools you need will include; tape measure, wheelbarrow, level, spade and hacksaw. Having the border material, landscape material, top soil, sand and gravel before beginning the process will be beneficial to you.

There are many ideas that you can choose to ensure that you have installed the perfect path garden edging. The only limitation you have will be your mind. So let your imagination run wild when it comes to edging the garden. Remember to supply the plants in your garden with all the required nutrients so that they can grow and remain fresh.

Choosing The Best Tumbler Compost Bin

Compost tumbler bins are quite useful for the people who have gardens. This is because they offer you quality manure for the crops hence enhancing the yield. There are many different types of composite tumblers.


The Design

The double tumbler compost bins have been designed with high quality heavy and durable materials. The materials use is what makes them efficient and effective in the composting process. The equipment has been designed with two bins- hence the name dual, that are set side by side. The bins are mounted on a raised axel.

The bins are smaller in size compared to the other designs. These dual tumbling composter bins come with thick insulted materials that help in maintaining the heat of the decaying material. The heat in turn promotes the composting of materials.

The dual bins also have different doors on both sides. This is an improvement from the older versions of the double bins. They have aerated features that allow the air into the bin for proper decomposition. The compost matter needs moisture and oxygen for them to decay properly.

Pros And Cons


  • The dual bins do promote a faster composting process. The insulated materials in the bins absorb the heat produced and this speeds the process. Most of the bins decompose the materials for approximately 3 weeks.

  • It is very easy to use these tools; the axels on the bins allow them to rotate the compost materials. This in turn promotes an even composting process.

  • The bins are durable; they have been made with quality material.


  • Due to the material used, the bins are heavy. This means that they cannot handle higher volumes of compost materials. If the bin is heavy, then it will not rotate as required.

  • Expensive; most of the designs are expensive. However, you can also get cheap compost bins if you look around.

Perfect Gift Plants

Gift giving is one of the accepted acts of appreciation in the world. Various gifts are given for different reason, including thanksgiving. No matter the reason, giving plants as gifts will give you an advantage point. Plants do signify peace and forgiveness.

There are quite a few plants for presents ideas that you can choose from. You have to consider the season before you give any type of plant. This is because different plants are favored by the different weather seasons. It is advisable for you to choose perennial plants.

Different Gifts

It is pivotal for you to buy the perfect vase before choosing the plants.

  • Golden cypress

It is perfect for your recipient. The green color brings out the warmth of the room. You may buy this great plant online or from the flower and plant dealers. It is advisable for you to visit the shop so as to know the condition of the plant before you buy it.

  • Asparagus fern

To enhance the peaceful and warm ambience of the home, you may opt to buy the plant with a brightly colored vase. The combination of yellow vase or pot and the green fern creates a magnetic look.

  • Lavender

These plants have a sweet aroma. They are lightweight and perfect for home gardens.

  • Crassula muscosa

They are perfect for the soft at heart. They have a warm light green color.

  • Rosemary topiary.

You need to be very creative when it comes to choosing the vessel to grow the plants in. You also need to consider the type of soil the plants need to thrive. If there are any guidelines stipulated, it is pivotal for you to discuss them with the recipient of the present. It is good to consider the personality of the person you intend to gift.

If you are going to grow the plants you have been given, then it is important for you to install a paving garden edging. This is what will separate your garden from the other pavement.

Having The Perfect Pavement

Edging your landscape creates a neat and classy appearance. Edging is a process that involves building a border to separate the garden or the flower beds from the other parts of the landscape.

Installing The Edging

There are many different styles of edging that you can perform. One of the best designs that you can go for is paving edging. This is what makes the landscape attractive. It is quite important for you to install the edging perfectly so that you can avoid the disruption of the landscape appearance.

  1. Evaluate Your Landscape

Before you begin the process of installing a perfect edging, you have to know where to install the edging in the first place. You also need to assess the design of the landscape to determine the type of border you will want to use.

  1. Choose The Border You Want

There are different forms of edging that you can use in your pavement. You will be concerned with the pavers, but is worth knowing the rest.

  • Plastics; they are quite cheap compared to the other types. They are also easy to install

  • Steel and aluminum

  • Concrete and stone

You will need to pick the perfect size of the paver you will use.

  1. Dig The Trenches

You need to be careful when digging these trenches. The size needs to be uniform so as to ensure the perfect placement of the stones. You need to dig the trenches dip enough to avoid any accidents. The pavers also need to be installed at a higher level than the lawn.

  1. Install The Pavers

Carefully place the pavers on the trenches. You need to fix the pavers together firmly. You should thus ensure that there are no visible spaces in between them. They need to be leveled to create the perfect look.

This type of edging may come in handy when it comes to the flower bed edging. You have to maintain a good surrounding flower bed. This will help in improving the appearance.